Story Ideas

I remember I had a dream several months back, in April or May I think it was. At the time I was in a creative writing class so I was having more ideas for stories simply because I needed more things to write about. So this dream was pretty spectacular and I managed to write a lot of it down. I thought I would share it here. Maybe I can work in the ua shoes somewhere and get this brand to fund the filming of my awesome dream.


At the time I called the dream Oculus VR because I had recently learned about the company. Didn’t Facebook acquire them or something? Anyway it was the most similar thing I could think of to what my dream was about and I thought it was a great name. Virtual Reality Game

You put on helmets and headphones. Heavy jackets and armor – black and bulky – learn to carry the weight. Use coins each with a different symbol on them. Collect them. You hold the coin in your hand, think of the animal on it/phrase – think really hard and you feel yourself lifted off the ground until you open your eyes again and you’re in the game. Every man for himself but you go in with a team, they can help you. Things/people attack you. They look similar to real players but usually their armor is ripped and discolored. White powder, white hair, yellow skin. Razor teeth.

Your weapons are swords, huge samurai swords, small pocket knives. Which means kills are hardly ever completed in one swift slice or stab. You go on until there’s nothing left but a lump of flesh.You can stay down as long as you want, but every 30 minutes a coin is snapped up, so you have to collect more coins while you’re down there. If you only have 3 coins left you feel yourself getting weaker and weaker. Loss of peripheral vision, weak knees etc.

At this point if you don’t think you can score another coin/win a challenge, you… not sure what happens here.

The game never ends, there are always more levels. If you die, you lose all your coins and start over. If you get to the check points, you can deposit coins and use them in the real world – but many would prefer to use them in the game. Choosing themselves over feeding their families. Many people lose their husbands to the games, or their sons and daughters, who never fully return to reality. They stay down for years.

In the outside world, people are losing the ability to communicate. The game has consumed so many citizens that intelligence is deteriorating and no one cares what happens in the real world, meaning bad people have come to power, corporations are in power and no one cares to stop them because they are consumed with winning coins.

The other part is that coins can be used to transform your appearance – those who have played the longest are beautiful – flowing hair, tanned skin, chiseled abs. They have even been known to turn on newer players to stop them from reaching their level. There is a scoreboard and they want their names on it. To get on it you fight everyone. I have been chosen by a secret society forming beneath the radar of the evil government, to infiltrate this game, learn the players, get to the highest level – and find a way to shut down the game. The problem is we don’t even know if there is a way to shut it down, only theories – just like NASAs theories about the universe. We’re dealing with dark matter here. If I fail, I could be sucked into the game forever. But they chose me because my grandfather was once chosen to do the same and he failed. Some say he’s still in the game, an updated version they kept because they liked the reminder that no one can beat the system.


So I still think this is a pretty cool idea. Maybe one day I will turn it into a book that gets made into a movie. Or a video game.

Until then

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